Not A Tie, Just Two Winners

by bewitchingbrielle

Tuesday night was the first Democratic Debate sponsored by CNN and Facebook.  The two frontrunners for the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have not received equal media attention the day after the debate.

In polls by viewers they have Sanders winning the debate by a landslide.  Slate’s poll has Sanders ahead 70% to 16%. Time’s poll has him ahead 57% to 11%. C-Span has him ahead 10,000 people to 1,200 people.  MSNBC has him up 15,000 to 2,600. There is no denying how far ahead of Hillary he is with the viewers.


However, when it comes to the editors and the news articles, the exact opposite is true.  Everyone says Hillary won, without question.  Slate’s article is titled, “Yes, Hillary Won The Debate.” Time says “Hillary Clinton Takes Control In First Democratic Debate.” MSNBC tells, “Hillary Clinton Solidifies Top Spot In Democratic Debate.”

CNN takes the cake with more than one article on Clinton’s “win.”  The “Democratic Debate Winners and Losers” by CNN journalist Jeremy Diamond has Clinton as a clear “Winner” and Sanders as “Unclear” because “[he] didn’t shock anyone.” Another article is titled “Hillary’s Big Night On The Debate Stage.”  The interesting thing is that there is not a single article on anything Sanders said last night, regardless of whether he won or lost.

The Sanders supporters media blackout hits an all time high when CNN completely deletes their poll asking who won, when Sanders was ahead of Hillary 82% to 14%.

At the debate Sanders said, “I believe in a society where all people do well.” The viewers and the voters clearly had their say, and there is just one that is on top.


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